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Endpoint Servers

An Endpoint Server is a Java service that is installed with Replicate and starts automatically if an appropriate license is detected. The Endpoint Server is responsible for managing a set of custom endpoint types (developed using the Qlik Replicate Custom Endpoint SDK).

Endpoint Servers can be added and managed via the Replicate console. After you add an Endpoint Server, you will be able to You can create endpoint connections and run Replicate tasks for any custom endpoint types associated with the Endpoint Server.

Information note
  • The procedure for adding custom endpoint connections and configuring tasks is the same as that for adding regular Replicate endpoints/tasks.
  • In future versions, the Add Endpoint Server, Edit, and Remove toolbar options will allow you to add and manage additional endpoint servers. In this version however, they should only be used if requested by a Qlik Support Engineer.
  • Changes to endpoint server settings will not affect running tasks.

Viewing Endpoint Server Properties

When the Endpoint Server is selected, the right pane will display all associated endpoint types. Additionally, the following properties will be displayed in the grid:

  • Status – Indicates whether the Endpoint Server is running, stopped or in error.
  • Name – The name of the Endpoint Server.
  • Host – The host machine on which the Endpoint Server is installed.
  • Port – The port of the Endpoint Server.
  • Version – The version of the Endpoint Server.
  • Message – Displayed if the Endpoint Server is in an error state or Replicate cannot connect to it.
  • Last Connection – The last time Replicate successfully connected to the Endpoint Server.

JVM configuration options

The AT_JVM_OPT system environment variable enables you to set additional JVM configuration options such as limiting the heap memory consumed by the endpoint server, setting verbose logging, and so on. AT_JVM_OPT is supported on both Windows and Linux and is set on the former using the "set" command, and on the latter using the "export" command.

  1. Issue the following command:

    set AT_JVM_OPT=-verbose:class

  2. Restart the Qlik Replicate Server service.