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Transformations and Filters

Click the Global Task Settings tab to show the Transformations and Filters tab. Expressions can be used in global transformations and filter rules as well as in table-level transformations and filters.

  • Support special characters in column names used in expressions: Enable this option if you want to include source column names with special characters (for example, special#column) in expressions. You can override this setting for specific tasks in theTransformations and Filters tab.
Warning noteThis option requires that all table and global transformations must use strict SQL syntax. Specifically, all string literals must use single quotes (') rather than double quotes. If any of the transformations on any task on the server uses double quotes (") to quote literals, then you should either not enable this option of fix the double-quotes as described below.

This expression

CASE age WHEN age < 18 THEN "adult" ELSE "minor" END)

must be written as:

CASE age WHEN age < 18 THEN 'adult' ELSE 'minor' END)

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