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Homogeneous replication

When replicating from a Microsoft SQL Server source to a Microsoft SQL Server target, most of the source and target data types will be identical.


In homogeneous replication, the source data first passes through the Qlik Replicate data type and is therefore subject to any limitations of that type.

For information on Replicate data types and their limitations (where relevant), see Replicate data types.

For information on which Replicate data types the source data passes through when replicating from Microsoft SQL Server, see the Microsoft SQL Server to Qlik Replicate data types mapping table described earlier.


To prevent data truncation when replicating columns with an XML data type, it is strongly recommended to enable the Allow unlimited LOB size option in the task settings.

Additionally, in homogeneous replication, source column and table collations will be replicated to the target as described in Column and table collation.