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Migrating tasks

You can export replication tasks to a file. When exporting a task using the command line, all exported tasks are saved to the imports folder under <product_dir>/Qlik/Replicate/Data. When exporting a task using the Qlik Replicate Console, one of the following occurs (according to your browser settings):

  • The task JSON file will be automatically downloaded to the default download location
  • You will be prompted for a download location

You can import an export file (*.json) to another instance of the Qlik Replicate Server. This lets you use a task that you created in Qlik Replicate in a different environment. For example, if you created tasks in a development environment and now want to use the task in a production environment.

Importing and exporting a task can be done using either the command line or the Qlik Replicate Console. When exporting or importing a task using the command line, you must perform this task on the computer where Qlik Replicate is installed.


If you need to access the computer with Qlik Replicate from a remote computer, you can use a telnet connection.

When you export a task to a different environment, you may need to edit the task information. For example, you may need to change the connection string for an endpoint.