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Editing an exported (json) file

You can open the *.json file in any plain text editor. It is possible to make changes to any of the sections in the file; however, be sure that you only change the data and not the field names. For example, the entry "name"::DB_Name" displays the name field for a source table in a defined endpoint. In this case, you can change the data "DB_Name" but not the included metadata ("name").

Warning note

Make any changes to the *.json file before you carry out the import operation.

Information note

Information about the endpoints, tables, tasks, task settings, and logger settings should be changed using the Qlik Replicate Console after the file is imported.

To be able to use the new task, you will need to make changes to the endpoint password and connection strings by editing the *.json file. See Making changes to the endpoint connection information for more information.