The Setup page contains the following folders:

  • Management Service, where the QlikView Management Service, communicating with all services and hosting the QMC Graphical User Interface (GUI), can be viewed and managed.
  • Management Service

  • QlikView Servers, where the hosting of the user documents can be managed.
  • QlikView Servers

  • Distribution Services, where the QlikView Distribution Service (QDS) settings can be managed.
  • Distribution Services

  • Directory Service Connectors, where user information from various sources can be monitored.
  • Directory Service Connectors

  • Directory Service Providers, where the configuration of the directory services can be managed.
  • Directory Service Providers

  • QlikView Web Servers, where the web servers for AJAX web pages, the hosting of the QlikView AccessPoint, and the load balancing of the QlikView Server, can be managed.
  • QlikView Web Servers

  • Remote Management Services, where tasks can be imported from remote server management services.
  • Remote Management Services

  • Mail Server, where the alert and distribution e-mail service can be managed.
  • Mail Server

Click on each folder label for more information.

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