Fields are the primary data-carrying entities in QlikView. A field typically contains a number of values, called field values. In database terminology we say that the data processed by QlikView comes from data files. A file is composed of several fields where each data entry is a record. The terms file, field and record are equivalent to table, column and row respectively. The QlikView AQL logic works only on the fields and their field values.

Field data is retrieved by script via LOAD, SELECT or Binary statements. The only way of changing data in a field is by re-executing the script. The actual field values can not be manipulated by the user from the layout or by means of automation. Once read into QlikView they can only be viewed and used for logical selections and calculations.

Field values consist of numeric or alphanumeric (text) data. Numeric values actually have dual values, the numeric value and its current, formatted text representation. Only the latter is displayed in sheet objects etc.

The content of a field can be represented in a list box.

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