Upgrading and Updating QlikView Desktop

To upgrade or update QlikView Desktop, follow the procedures you find in the following sections.

Upgrade QlikView Desktop

To upgrade QlikView Desktop, download the newer version you want to install from qlik.com, and follow the installation wizard.

Best practices before upgrading

For a successful upgrade of QlikView Desktop, take the following basic practices into account:

  • Ensure that you have a valid maintenance contract before upgrading QlikView Desktop. Attempting to upgrade without a valid maintenance contract will result in limited functionality of QlikView Desktop. See: Maintenance contract on upgrade.
  • If you are using a custom connector or an extension in your QlikView Desktop installation(s), verify that such feature is supported in the newer version before upgrading. You can check the supported features in the Download section at qlik.com.

Update QlikView Desktop

In the Help menu in QlikView, you find the option QlikView Update.... Choosing this will open the QlikView update site on the Internet where you will be presented with possible updates for your QlikView version. What updates are available are based on information from your QlikView license and your operating system.

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