Legend Settings

The layout of the chart legend is controlled by the various settings of this dialog.

Legend Style Sets the basic style for the legend. Choose between several styles.
Background Color Sets the color of the legend background. The color can be defined as a solid color or as a gradient via the color area dialog that opens when clicking the button.
Vertical Alignment Specifies how the legend is positioned in relation to the plot area, when it needs less vertical space than the plot area.
Font Opens the standard font dialog where a font for the legend can be specified.
Line Spacing Specifies the distance between items in the legend.
Reverse Order Reverses the sort order of the legend.
Multiline Sets the options for multi line legend items:
Wrap Text
Wraps the text of the legend items in two or more lines.
Cell Height (Lines)
If the Wrap Text option is enabled, this setting specifies how many lines that should be used for each item.