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Chart texts


Enter a text that should be displayed in the chart. The text entered can also be defined as a calculated formula for dynamic update. Click the ... button to open the Edit Expression dialog for easier editing of long formulas or for typing multi line text.

Expression syntax for calculated formulas

Font Opens the standard font dialog where a font for the text can be specified.
On Top Forces the text to the foreground when the chart is drawn.

Defines the background of the text.
With this option, only the text itself will be visible. Any sheet object covered by the text will be fully visible.
This option lets you pick a background color by clicking the Color button to the right of the radio button.
The background color may be dynamically calculated from an expression. The expression must be a valid color representation, which is achieved by using color functions. Click the ... button to open the Edit Expression dialog for easier editing of long formulas. If the result of the expression is not a valid color representation, the program will default to black.

Color functions

Angle (degrees) Specifies the angle for the text. 0 to 360 degrees is allowed, the default value is 0.
Alignment Sets the horizontal alignment of the text within its background.

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