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Preparations for AJAX on Small Devices

Connecting to the QlikView Document

All QlikView documents that are available for you can be selected from QlikView AccessPoint. Connection to QlikView AccessPoint is done by typing http://localhost/qlikview/index.htm in the web browser.

Settings in QlikView AccessPoint

Set the preferred mobile version on the QlikView AccessPoint start page:

Small Device Version Shows the QlikView document in a layout that automatically redesigns objects to suit small devices.
Full Browser Version Shows the QlikView document in original application layout.

Also select if the setting is to be saved for the device. The setting may be edited later, by selecting Favorites & Profiles at the top right-hand corner of the QlikView AccessPoint start page, on the Profile tab.

It is possible to switch between the different layouts at any time, when the QlikView document is opened.

Creating a Shortcut on the Home Screen

Once the QlikView document is opened, it is possible to create a shortcut to the document from the Home screen. This maximizes work space for the QlikView document, rather than displaying the browser address field. After having created the shortcut, tap the icon to relaunch the application.

Note: This description applies only when using an iPad or an iPhone.

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