On the General tab, the basic settings and parameters of the current task can be managed. The categories for a document can be assigned, created, edited, and deleted. A category bundles documents in containers, to make categorization easier for the end-user. The categories are only visible to the end-user on the QlikView AccessPoint. Each document can only be part of one category.



To enable the task, tick this check box. To disable the task, untick this check box.

Task Name

To edit the name of the task, enter the preferred name in this text box.

Note: The Task Name must be unique; if it is not, a suffix number will be added to make it unique, for example, 'MyTask' will become 'MyTask (2)'.

Select Category

To assign a category to a supporting task, select one of the available categories, presented in the drop-down list.

Default value: Default.

Or Type a New Category

To create a category, enter a descriptive name in this text box. The new category will be available in the Select Category drop-down list.

Note: Categories can be reassigned, but cannot be deleted.

Task Description

To edit the description of the task, enter the preferred description in this text box.


Table Name

The name of the QVD database table. To edit the table name, enter the preferred name in this text box.

Note: The table name is required, because the QVD creation task uses this name to generate the QlikView table and QVD file. The QVD creation task will fail if the table name is not provided.

QVD Path

To select a folder for the QVD, click on the Browse icon, , and choose the folder in the Choose Folder dialog.

QVD Users

To select the method for managing users and groups, click on one of the following drop-down list options:

  • All Authenticated Users, meaning that any authenticated user is authorized.
  • Named Users, meaning that users that should be authorized are manually added, by searching for users and groups in a domain or on a computer (the names are resolved by the Directory Service Connector).

Add Users and Groups

If Named Users was chosen in the User Type field, do the following:

To manage users and groups, click on the Manage Users dialog icon, .

  • Default Scope
  • Select the directory to be searched, in the drop-down list.

  • Search for Users and Groups
  • Enter the desired search term(s) in this text box, to find a user or a group, and click on the Search icon, .

    See: User Management Search Functions

  • Search Result
  • This box presents the result of the search, using the desired criteria.

  • Add >
  • To add a user or a group, click on it in the Search Result box and click on this button. Several items can be added at the same time.

  • Selected Users
  • This box presents the selected users and groups.

  • < Delete
  • To deselect a user or a group, click on it in the Selected Users box and click on this button. Several items can be deselected at the same time.

  • << Delete All
  • To deselect all of the users and groups from the Selected Users box, click on this button.


The load script that is required to generate the QVD file. To edit the script, enter the preferred statement in this text box.

Note: A QVD generation task can only create a single QVD file. The script entered into the task should contain all the script necessary to create the QlikView table, including the necessary 'CONNECT' statements. The QVD creation task automatically adds the necessary 'STORE' statement; therefore, this statement should not be included in the script.