Folder Access

On the Folder Access tab, Supervisors and QlikView Publisher (QVP) Document Administrators can be managed.

See: QlikView Publisher Document Administrators

Note: The System tab is unavailable for Document Administrators and Supervisors. This means that they cannot access supporting tasks.

See: System

Manage Supervisors and Document Administrators

The user access to the whole server (meaning all folders on the QlikView Server, including the root folder and the mounted folders), the root folder, or mounted folders, can be managed.

See: Folders

To manage the user access, add or remove Supervisors or QlikView Publisher (QVP) Document Administrators, do as follows:

To manage users and groups, click on the Manage Users dialog icon, .

  • Default Scope
  • Select the directory to be searched, in the drop-down list.

  • Search for Users and Groups
  • Enter the desired search term(s) in this text box, to find a user or a group, and click on the Search icon, .

    See: User Management Search Functions

  • Search Result
  • This box presents the result of the search, using the desired criteria.

  • Add >
  • To add a user or a group, click on it in the Search Result box and click on this button. Several items can be added at the same time.

  • Selected Users
  • This box presents the selected users and groups.

  • < Delete
  • To deselect a user or a group, click on it in the Selected Users box and click on this button. Several items can be deselected at the same time.

  • << Delete All
  • To deselect all of the users and groups from the Selected Users box, click on this button.

Note: The specifically defined folders are configured in Folders.

See: Folders

Default values:

Name Path
Whole server N/A
Root folder C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents

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