Document Information

On the Document Information tab, categories for the current document can be assigned, created, edited, and deleted. Categories are used to bundle documents in containers, to make categorization easier for the end-user. The categories are only visible to the end-user on the QlikView AccessPoint. Each document can only be part of one category.


Select Category

To assign a category to a document, select one of the available categories, presented in the drop-down list.

Default value: Default.

Or Type a New Category

To create a category, enter a descriptive name in this text box. The new category will be available in the Select Category drop-down list. The category is presented on the QlikView AccessPoint.

Note: Categories can be reassigned, but cannot be deleted.

Source Document

The name of the source document. To select a source document, enter the name of it in this text box.

Note: The source document name is not changed by a QlikView Server reload.

Document Description

To create a document description that is displayed in Document Details on QlikView AccessPoint, enter a description in this text box.


Meta data attributes can be created and assigned to a document. These attributes are arbitrary pairs of name and value. They are not saved in the document, but in the meta data of the QlikView Server, utilizing the QlikView Server Document Metadata Service (DMS) facility. A third-party application can read and extract the attributes from the database, using the qvpx protocol. The attributes are presented on the QlikView AccessPoint, in which they are used to help finding the correct document. To create an attribute and assigned value entry, to be stored in the meta file, click on the Add icon, , to the right in the pane, and configure the following fields:


To configure a meta data attribute name, enter a descriptive name in this text box.


To assign a value to the meta attribute name in the Name field, enter the value in this text box.


To entirely remove a configured entry from the list, click on the Delete icon,.