On the Reload tab, the current task can be configured to reload the document.

Note: The possibility to use different user document names is configured using the document name template.

See: Reduce

Note: Unsafe macros are not allowed on reload tasks.

See: Allow Unsafe Macro Execution on Server

Perform Reload


To enable the function that reloads the document when the task is run, tick this check box. To disable the reload function, untick this check box.

Data Protection

Section Access

By default, the reload will be performed as the user under which the QlikView Distribution Service (QDS) is running. The Section Access setting allows the use of another user when performing the reload. To by-pass the default setting, tick this check box and enter the desired user and password in the User Name and Password text boxes. To use the default setting, untick this check box.

Note: The default setting may have to be redefined.

See: Advanced

User Name

To configure the user name, enter the desired credentials in this text box.


To configure the password, enter the desired credentials in this text box.

Script Setup

Partial Reload

If some part of the data is updated more frequently than the bulk of the data, a script can be written to support partial reload. This will typically mean that two tasks will exist. One task is less frequent, doing the full reload, and one task is more frequent, doing the partial reload. To select the partial reload functionality, tick this check box. To select the full reload functionality, untick this check box.

Script Parameters

A separate document will be created for each value. If selecting a field from the document, all values in that field will be used.

Parameter Name

The variable created in the QlikView script, which will be used in the script execution of the document.

Parameter Value

The value(s) that will be assigned to the variable in the Parameter Name field. The value(s) will be used to create the document. To use a sequence of data, enter the start and stop values separated with a '-' (dash). To separate single values or sequences, enter a ';' (semi-colon).


To select a specific field in the document and create a separate document for each value in that field, click the Open Document button, and select the desired document field. The values present at the start of the execution will be used. If field values change during the execution, such changes will not be reflected in the new documents. The use of this field will suppress the use of any value in the Parameter Name field.

Note: Using this function, that is, clicking the Open Document button or the ... button (if available), might be time consuming; therefore, it is done as an explicit command.