Working with QlikView

This section describes how to use QlikView. It includes information onhow to get started creating QlikView documents, how to add and manage data from different data sources, and how to design effective charts and sheet objects so your data is presented in the best way for others to explore.

Getting started

If you are new to QlikView we recommend a visit to the getting started section.

Load data

Learn how to load and transform data from various data sources.

The load script stores information about the data and the data sources that they come from. If you just want to have a look at an existing QlikView file and analyze the information in it, you do not need to open the script at all.

If you want to load data from an Excel sheet, the getting started wizard can help you create a basic document containing a chart.

Visualize the data

The Getting Started Wizard helps you create a basic document containing a chart and a list box . If you later want to change the appearance of these sheet objects, you can right-click each object to reach its Properties page, where you can make adjustments to the settings for layout, calculations, sorting of data, and so on.

Explore, discover, analyze

After you have built a document you can start to explore it to find connections in your data. As you make selections in charts and tables and go into the details of your data you gain new insights as you filter through data in selected areas.