RangeIRR - script function

RangeIRR() returns the internal rate of return for a series of cash flows represented by the input values.

The internal rate of return is the interest rate received for an investment consisting of payments (negative values) and income (positive values) that occur at regular periods.


RangeIRR(value[, value][, Expression])

Return data type: numeric


Argument Description
value A single value or a range of values as returned by an inter record function with a third optional parameter. The function needs at least one positive and one negative value to be calculated.
Expression Optional expressions or fields containing the range of data to be measured.


Text values, NULL values and missing values are disregarded.

Examples Results


Returns 0.0866

Add the example script to your document and run it. Then add, at least, the fields listed in the results column to a sheet in your document to see the result.



recno() as RangeID,

RangeIRR(Field1,Field2,Field3) as RangeIRR;









] (delimiter is '|');

The resulting table shows the returned values of RangeIRR for each of the records in the table.
RangeID RangeIRR
1 0.0639
2 0.8708
3 -
4 5.8419
5 0.9318
6 -0.2566

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