ApplyMap - script function

The ApplyMap script function is used for mapping the output of an expression to a previously loaded mapping table.


ApplyMap('map_name', expression [ , default_mapping ] )

Return data type: dual


Argument Description
map_name The name of a mapping table that has previously been created through the mapping load or the mapping select statement. Its name must be enclosed by single, straight quotation marks.
expression The expression, the result of which should be mapped.

If stated, this value will be used as a default value if the mapping table does not contain a matching value for expression. If not stated, the value of expression will be returned as is.


In this example we load a list of salespersons with a country code representing their country of residence. We use a table mapping a country code to a country to replace the country code with the country name. Only three countries are defined in the mapping table, other country codes are mapped to 'Rest of the world'.

// Load mapping table of country codes: map1: mapping LOAD * Inline [ CCode, Country Sw, Sweden Dk, Denmark No, Norway ] ; // Load list of salesmen, mapping country code to country // If the country code is not in the mapping table, put Rest of the world Salespersons: LOAD *, ApplyMap('map1', CCode,'Rest of the world') As Country Inline [ CCode, Salesperson Sw, John Sw, Mary
Sw, Per Dk, Preben Dk, Olle No, Ole Sf, Risttu] ; // We don't need the CCode anymore Drop Field 'CCode';

The resulting table looks like this:

Salesperson Country
John Sweden
Mary Sweden
Per Sweden
Preben Denmark
Olle Denmark
Ole Norway
Risttu Rest of the world