File Wizard: Type - Delimited


Delimiter Specify what type of delimiter is to be used. To use a delimiter other than the predefined ones, choose Custom to find the correct delimiter. Custom opens the delimiter selector dialog, where it is possible to choose among the delimiters available on the computer.
Header Size The header part of the file is a specified number of lines or bytes (only for delimited, fixed record and Excel files). The header may be omitted.
Character set The character set of the table file is set here. If the desired character set is not available in the drop-down menu, it is possible to choose Custom. This opens the Codepage selector dialog, where to choose among the character sets installed on the computer.
Quoting Set the quotes scheme to be used. Choose between Standard, None and MSQ.
Comment In some files, comments are used between records. Often a comment line begins with a special character or a set of characters, e. g. //. Here it is possible to specify the character(s) that mark the beginning of a comment to enable QlikView to recognize comments.
Labels If the field names (column headers) are stored in the first line of the table, this control should be set to Embedded. The format also allows field names to be explicitly specified, and if that is the case, this control should be set to Explicit. If the table contains no field names, the None alternative should be used.
Ignore EOF Sometimes a special character is used to mark the end of the file. In case this character is found in the middle of a text file (for example enclosed by quotation marks) you can enable this option to ignore it.