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RangeMinString - script and chart function

RangeMinString() returns the first value in the text sort order that it finds in the expression or field.


RangeMinString(first_expr[, Expression])

Return data type: string


The argument of this function may contain inter-record functions which in themselves return a list of values.

Argument Description
first_expr The expression or field containing the data to be measured.
Expression Optional expressions or fields containing the range of data to be measured.Multiple additional expressions can be used.

Examples and results:  

Examples Results
RangeMinString (1,2,4)

Returns 1

RangeMinString ('xyz','abc')

Returns 'abc'
RangeMinString (5,'abc') Returns 5
RangeMinString (null( ))

Returns NULL

Example with expression:

RangeMinString (Above(MinString(MyField),0,3))

Returns the first (in text sort order) of the three results of the MinString(MyField) function evaluated on the current row and two rows above the current row.

Data used in examples:

Tip: Disable sorting of MyField to ensure that example works as expected.
MyField RangeMinString(Above(MinString(MyField),0,3))


abc 10
8 8
def 8
xyz 8
9 9

Data used in examples:










] ;

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