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On this page actions can be set for certain objects:

  • buttons
  • text objects
  • gauges
  • line/arrow objects

Actions include launching an external application or exporting data from QlikView.

Add Opens the Add Action dialog where the actions for the object are chosen. Choose the type of action in the lists. Depending on the action, different parameters for the action will appear on the Actions page. The actions will be executed in the order in which they appear in the list. Actions are then handled by separate threads and do not wait for the previous command to finish before starting. Because of this, the order in which they are completed is not necessarily the same as that in which they are started.
Delete Removes the action from the object.
Promote Moves the selected action up in the list of actions.
Alternate State Sets the state that the action refers to. This setting is only relevant for actions related to selections or bookmarks.

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