What’s New in QlikView November 2017?

Here are some of the highlights of the new and updated features of QlikView.

Analytic connections

With analytic connections you can configure a server-side extension to extend the built-in expression library with support for calling third-party calculation engines. For more details and examples on how to integrate connections for R and Python plugins in your expression framework, see Analytic connections and Get started with analytic connections pages.

Valuable information can also be found in Qlik Community:

A server-side extension (SSE) open source repository is maintained and supported by Qlik. It is available in GitHub. The information provided in GitHub is based on Qlik Sense. However, it is also applicable for QlikView. To see the latest version of the repository, and to read the complete documentation, visit:


  • Switching UI language in AccessPoint.
  • Detach option in chart objects. When a chart is detached, subsequent selections will not be applied to the object until it is re-attached.
  • Set reference option for Bar, Line, Combo, Gauge and Scatter charts.
  • Copy single column selection in List Box.
  • Copy cell selection in List box, Straight Table, and Pivot Table.

Shared files management

  • Improved stability. A new structure and transaction handling for shared files has been implemented. These improvements will drastically reduce the risk of corrupted files in high-traffic scenarios. To take advantage of this improvement, shared files must be converted from the old format (.Shared), to the new format (.TShared). To see how to convert the shared files to the new format go to Cleaning and converting the shared files page.
  • Shared files cleaning. A new and simpler way to remove inactive users from shared files has been implemented, improving software performance.
  • PGO buffering. This improvement increases by 30-40% the number of sessions that can be started and closed for a single site, and reduces the number of access failures.

Export in XLSX format

XLSX is now the default exporting format for Excel files, replacing XLS.

BNF script reload mode

A new script reload mode, BNF, has been introduced.

KML support

QlikView now can read KML files for use in a map visualizations.

LEF control on maintenance date

When upgrading QlikView Server or QlikView Desktop, it is important that you have a valid maintenance contract. The information regarding the maintenance contract is stored in the License Enabler File (LEF). For more information about what happens if you upgrade without a valid maintenance contract, see Maintenance contract on upgrade.

For the full details about the requirements that must be fulfilled to install and run QlikView, see System Requirements for QlikView.

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