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QlikView Publisher Document Administrators

The QlikView Publisher (QVP) allows delegation of task creation and task management to non-QlikView Administrators, that is, users that are not within the QlikView Administrator Windows group. These limited users, the QlikView Publisher Document Administrators, Document Administrators in short, are useful when multiple administrators are working with the QVP. This might, for example, be applicable in a large enterprise deployment with a shared infrastructure.

Information note This feature requires a QlikView Publisher (QVP) license key.

In the QlikView Management Console (QMC), users can be assigned permission to the source document folders of the QlikView Distribution Service (QDS). In the QlikView Server (QVS) settings, users can be assigned to either the entire QVS, or to specific mounted folders that Document Administrators should be allowed to work with. Document Administrators that are logged into the QMC are only allowed to create and modify tasks on the source documents in these folders, and they cannot amend any system settings or CAL allocations in the QMC. A QlikView Administrator can also control if the triggers on the tasks worked with by the Document Administrator are enabled or disabled by default.

Information noteThe System tab is unavailable for Document Administrators and Supervisors. This means that they cannot access supporting tasks.

Permissions on the folders of the QVS are given on the Folder Access tab.

Permissions on the source documents, are given on the General tab, where also the status of triggers created by the Document Administrator can be set.

After having configured a Document Administrator, and used that user to login to the QMC, a restricted version of the QMC will be presented. The Document Administrator is only allowed to work with the source documents that this user has permissions on.

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