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User Preferences: Save

This dialog tab contains settings for how QlikView documents should be saved.

  • Preferred Save Format: Here a default save format can be set for all new files. To make changes that affect the current document only, select a Save Format under Document Properties: General instead.
  • Compression: This drop-down specifies the save compression mode for new documents. By using compression, the size of the file will be reduced by typically 60-80% (actual results will vary with the document). When using compression, document save times will be slightly increased.
    • With Medium compression all parts of the document except table data (which is already stored quite compressed inside QlikView) will undergo compression.
    • With High compression (default) also table data will undergo compression, saving some space but further increasing save and load times.
    • By choosing None all data are saved without compression.
  • Save Before Reload: Check this alternative to have the document automatically saved before the script is executed.
  • Save Autorecover Info: Here rules for creating a backup of the current QlikView file can be specified. This autosave functionality can be very helpful in case of a system crash. It is possible to independently set the auto recover save to occur at regular intervals (Every _ Minutes) and each time the script is run (After Reload).
    Information noteNo AutoRecover files will be saved for a new document until it has been saved by the user under a document name.
  • Use Backup: Here it is possible to specify rules for keeping earlier copies that have been created by the autosave functionality. With Use Backup checked, it is possible to specify how many backup versions will be retained (Keep Last _ Instances) and the program may also retain a selection of preferred older versions (Keep Selected Older Instances).

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