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The Sheet

A QlikView document can have one or several sheets on which sheet objects are placed. Each sheet can contain many sheet objects. The sheets have no connection with the logic - if two fields are logically connected, it does not matter if they are put on the same sheet or on different sheets. The logical result when making selections will still be the same.


New sheets are created by choosing Add Sheet from the Layout menu or by clicking the Add Sheet button in the toolbar.


All sheets have tabs attached to them on which the sheet name is printed. By clicking on a tab, the sheet attached to it is activated. If the Sheets toolbar is active you may also activate a sheet by selecting it in the toolbar drop-down.

By right-clicking on a tab you open a context menu containing the following commands:

  • Tabrow Properties...: Opens a dialog in which you can choose a font for the tab. Only Truetype fonts may be used.
  • Sheet Properties...: Selects the sheet and opens the Sheet Properties dialog. Here sheet specific parameters such as the sheet background, the fields to display, the default font and the object look etc. can be specified. This alternative is only available when clicking on the tab belonging to the currently active sheet.
  • Copy Sheet: Makes a complete copy of the entire sheet with all its sheet objects. The copy will be named "Copy of Sheetname" and positioned as the last sheet in the document.
  • Promote Sheet: Moves the sheet one step further to the left.
  • Demote Sheet: Moves the sheet one step further to the right.
  • Help: Opens context-specific help.
  • Remove: Makes the sheet active, then removes it.

If you click the tab of active sheet, the context menu also contains the commands Select fields... and New sheet object. For a description of these commands, see below.

On the sheet tabs you can sometimes see selection indicators, small beacons that will guide you to the selections made. These are shown on the tabs of hidden sheets on which you can see selections that are not visible on the active sheet.

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