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Sheet Properties: Security

In this property page you may set the User Privileges at the sheet level. By default, all options are checked (on). Persons with administrator privileges can always access this dialog and change the settings. The settings can however prevent ordinary users from altering the sheet layout in a number of ways. The options are:

  • Add Sheet Objects: Permission to add new sheet objects.
  • Remove Sheet Objects: Permission to remove any of the sheet objects.
  • Move/Size Sheet Objects: Permission to change the layout of existing sheet objects.
  • Copy/Clone Sheet Objects: Permission to add a copy of existing sheet objects.
  • Access Sheet Object Properties: Permission to access the Sheet Properties dialog.
  • Remove Sheet: Permission to delete the sheet.
  • Access Sheet Properties (Users): Permission to access the different property pages of sheet objects.

Checking the Apply to All Sheets option, applies the above options to all sheets of the document.

  • Read Only: Check this alternative to lock all sheet objects on this sheet for selections. This means that the sheet objects can only display the results of selections made in objects residing on other sheets.

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