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The switch control statement is a script selection construct forcing the script execution to follow different paths, depending on the value of an expression.


Switch expression {case valuelist [ statements ]} [default statements] end switch

Information noteSince the switch statement is a control statement and as such is ended with either a semicolon or end-of-line, each of its four possible clauses (switch, case, default and end switch) must not cross a line boundary.


Switch arguments
Argument Description
expression An arbitrary expression.
valuelist A comma separated list of values with which the value of expression will be compared. Execution of the script will continue with the statements in the first group encountered with a value in valuelist equal to the value in expression. Each value in valuelist may be an arbitrary expression. If no match is found in any case clause, the statements under the default clause, if specified, will be executed.
statements Any group of one or more QlikView script statements.


Switch I

Case 1

LOAD '$(I): CASE 1' as case autogenerate 1;

Case 2

LOAD '$(I): CASE 2' as case autogenerate 1;


LOAD '$(I): DEFAULT' as case autogenerate 1;

End Switch

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