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Timestamp# - script and chart function

Timestamp#() evaluates an expression as a date and time value, in the timestamp format set in the load script or the operating system, unless a format string is supplied.


timestamp#(text[, format])

Return data type: dual


Timestamp# arguments
Argument Description

The text string to be evaluated.

format String describing how the resulting timestamp string is to be formatted. If omitted, the short date format, time format, and decimal separator set in the operating system is used. ISO 8601 is supported for timestamps.


The following example uses the date format M/D/YYYY. The date format is specified in the SET DateFormat statement at the top of the data load script.

Add this example script to your app and run it.

Load *,

Timestamp(Timestamp#(String)) as TS;








If you create a table with String and TS as dimensions, the results are as follows:

Example 1 results
String TS
2015-09-15T12:13:14 9/15/2015 12:13:14 PM
1952-10-16T13:14:00+0200 10/16/1952 11:14:00 AM
1109-03-01T14:15 3/1/1109 2:15:00 PM

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