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QlikView Project Files

It is possible to save a QlikView document into several files that can be used for versioning. Each file defines a property of the document, a sheet, an object, the script etc.

Each time the document is opened and an object or a setting is changed, these changes are saved to the different files, making it easy to follow the changes made in the document. This way it is also possible to see who made a change and to which part of the document.

To create these project files it is necessary to create a folder next to the qvw or qvf file with the same name as the QlikView document and add -prj, e.g. the project folder for a document called Finance.qvf should be Finance-prj.

Information noteNo data from the document will be saved in the project files. This means that a reload of the document without changes to the load script does not affect the project files.

Files in the Project Folder

The file QlikViewProject.xml contains a list of all the objects part of the QlikView document.

The different sheets and objects in the list are named after their object ID. The project files are:

  • QlikViewProject.xml - contains a list of all the files included in the project
  • AllProperties.xml
  • DocProperties.xml
  • DocInternals.xml
  • TopLayout.xml
  • LoadScript.txt - contains the document load script
  • Module.txt - contains the document macro code, if any exists
  • Module.txt - a single file is created for every sheet. In addition the files contain references to all the sheet objects on the sheet.
  • Separate files are also created for every sheet object: 
    • LB<id>.xml
    • SB<id>.xml
    • MB<id>.xml
    • TB<id>.xml
    • CH<id>.xml
    • IB<id>.xml
    • CS<id>.xml
    • BU<id>.xml
    • TX<id>.xml
    • LA<id>.xml
    • SL<id>.xml
    • SO<id>.xml
    • BM<id>.xml
    • CT<id>.xml
    • RP<id>.xml

The files DocProperties.xml, AllProperties.xml, DocInternals.xml and TopLayout.xml all contain property settings for the different parts of the document. DocBinary.dat contains user sensitive data, such as passwords.

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