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Linking information to field values

Information in the form of text files, images or external application files can be associated to data in a QlikView document. To use this feature, tables have to be created that describe what information file is to be linked to which field value, and tell QlikView to treat these tables as information tables. How this is done is explained below.

Information tables must consist of two columns, the first one headed by a field name and containing a list of values belonging to the field, the second one headed by an arbitrary name and containing the information (if text) or references to the files containing the information (images, applications).

The statement for loading this table as an information table would be as follows:

Info LOAD Country, I from Flagsoecd.csv (ansi, txt, delimiter is ',', embedded labels);

When a list box or multi box item linked to information is selected, an information icon appears beside the field name to show that information is available. Clicking the icon will show the information or load the application file. It is possible to turn off the information icon on the Layout page of the List Box Properties dialog.

If a text is entered in the second column, the text is shown in an internal text viewer.

To mark a new line in this text, the carriage return cannot be used. Instead, the symbol "\n" is used in the info file.

  • If a name of an image file (for example, extension bmp) is entered in the second column, the image is shown in an internal image viewer.
  • If a name of a sound file (extension wav) is entered in the second column, the sound is played.
  • If a name of an executable file is entered in the second column, the file is executed.
  • If a name of any other file is entered in the second column, the associated program is used to open the file.
  • If a URL is entered in the second column, for example, an Internet address, the registered Internet browser is used to access the address.

An info file cannot contain the star symbol. A symbol defined as OtherSymbol however, is allowed.

Using bundle info load, it is possible to bundle external data into a QlikView document.

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