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License Enabler File Editor

Here you can review or edit the License Enabler File.

The Current License Key is the serial number of the QlikView license and is normally entered at the time of the original program installation. It may also be entered or edited at a later time from the User Preferences: License dialog. It is also possible to run QlikView without a license key. In this case, you either have a license lease from a QlikView Server – a Named CAL – or you have a Personal Edition of QlikView.

The Current License Enabler File is a text file containing information relevant to the installed license and is required in order to activate (enable) the license key. If you have a license key but this text edit box is empty, you should first ensure that your computer is connected to the Internet and then click the button Contact License Enabler Server below.

Troubleshooting the License Enabler File

A License Enabler File (LEF file) is required in order to verify the validity of a QlikView license key. During initialization of the license key, the Qlik LEF server is contacted via the Internet and, provided that the license information given checks out, a LEF file is automatically transferred to your computer. Under normal circumstances the LEF procedure is barely noticeable as it is done in the background. There are however instances when the procedure fails, either because you are unable to contact the LEF server or because a firewall prevents the transfer of the LEF file. When this happens, the License Failure dialog will be displayed, informing you about the problem.

Should you be unable to obtain a valid LEF file through the normal procedure and you feel that you are entitled to one, you can instead obtain it directly from Qlik Support. When you copy the text file directly into the LEF editor, you must make sure that there are no trailing empty spaces in the text.

QlikView Settings File

All settings for QlikView are saved in a file (instead of being written to the registry). The file, Settings.ini, is located in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\QlikTech\QlikView.

In the same file you will find settings for QlikView OCX.

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