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Internal files

File References in the QlikView Layout

There are a number of places in the QlikView layout where external files can be referenced as info or background images. External files are referenced by a local path or URL.

Internal Files in QlikView Documents

In certain cases it may be preferable to include the files in the QlikView document.

The info prefix to Load and Select statements in the script can be preceded (or replaced) by the bundle prefix. The external files will then be read and embedded in the QlikView document. The external files will no longer be necessary for referencing the file contents, thereby making the QlikView document portable.

Show info and the info function will automatically use the embedded files when available. The syntax for explicit reference of embedded files is:

  • qmem://fieldname/fieldvalue |
  • qmem://fieldname<index>

where index is the internal index of a value within a field.




Internal Files in the QlikView Program File

A small set of standard image files are embedded in the QlikView program itself and may be used in any document without any special preparations.

A set of image files and sound files are already embedded in the QlikView program file. These may be referenced directly from the layout, without the need for any special preparations. The syntax for reference is:

  • qmem://<builtin>/filename

where filename is one of the filenames listed below (including extension).




Arrow Images

The arrows set permits you to display arrows in eight directions and four colors. Filenames are coded as follows: The word Arrow followed by a map direction ( _N, _NE, _E, _SE, _S, _SW, _W or _NW ). This may be followed by _G for green, _R for red and _Y for yellow. If no color is stated in the filename, a gray arrow is referenced.

Other Images

A number of other images are also included in the set. These are usually available in several colors. Below is a list of the available images.

  • Check.png
  • Check_G.png
  • Cross.png
  • Cross_R.png
  • Minus.png
  • Minus_R.png
  • Plus.png
  • Plus_G.png
  • Smiley1.png
  • Smiley1_G.png
  • Smiley1_Y.png
  • Smiley2.png
  • Smiley2_B.png
  • Smiley2_Y.png
  • Smiley3.png
  • Smiley3_R.png
  • Smiley3_Y.png
  • Thumb1.png
  • Thumb2.png
  • Question.png
  • Question_G.png
  • Question_R.png
  • Question_Y.png
  • Exclamation.png
  • Exclamation_G.png
  • Exclamation_R.png
  • Exclamation_Y.png


A number of sound files (.wav) are also included as bundled resources within QlikView. Files can be found in qmem;//<bundled>/sounds. The following sounds are available:

  • qv_bttn.wav
  • qv_can.wav
  • qv_clear.wav
  • qv_load.wav
  • qv_lock.wav
  • qv_menu.wav
  • qv_ok.wav
  • qv_redo.wav
  • qv_reex.wav
  • qv_save.wav
  • qv_scrpt.wav
  • qv_ulock.wav
  • qv_undo.wav
Information noteThis list may change in future versions of QlikView.

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