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How To Create Charts with Direct Discovery

Charts can be created with DIMENSION fields as chart dimensions and MEASURE fields in chart expressions. DETAIL fields have no function in charts and cannot be used.

For QlikView charts that use only Direct Discovery fields, all of the aggregations are performed in the database. When a chart has both Direct Discovery and in-memory fields, the database aggregations are performed first and then the chart-level aggregation are performed after the database aggregations complete.

The following aggregation functions can be used with MEASURE fields:

  • Sum
  • Avg
  • Count
  • Min
  • Max

It is important to know the type of aggregations that the source database supports when using Direct Discovery. For example, most SQL databases support DISTINCT in any aggregation, but Google BigQuery only supports COUNT(DISTINCT ...).

Most of the QlikView Chart functions are available when using Direct Discovery fields: interactive sorting, formatting, visual clues, dimension limits, etc.

Due to the SQL syntax specific nature of Direct Discovery, pivot tables and mini charts are not supported with Direct Discovery fields.

When MEASURE fields require quoting, the quotation marks must be applied in the Direct Query statement, not in the chart expression. For databases such as Oracle that control case sensitivity through the use of quoted identifiers, the column names in the chart expressions must match the case of the column names in the database exactly.

A MEASURE field that starts with an underscore character must be enclosed by double quotation marks in a chart expression.

The "Suppress missing" option in charts does not work with Direct Discovery fields; it should be disabled. Once it is disabled, the "Suppress when value is null" option works as expected.

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