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Customize (Toolbars)

The Customize dialog allows users to configure toolbars according to their own preferences. (While this is generally a very practical functionality, there are situations where the document designer may wish to enforce a standard setting to be applied for all users of the document.

There are actually two types of customizable toolbars; the ones which are already defined (i.e. named) in QlikView, and the ones which can be completely custom defined as needed.

The Customize dialog consists of the three tabs, Toolbars, Commands and Options described below:


This page contains a list of all available toolbars and the menu bar. Activate/deactivate toolbars by ticking the relevant check box in the list.

  • New: Creates a new toolbar.
  • Rename: Renames the highlighted toolbar. This command is not available for the five default toolbars.
  • Delete: Deletes the highlighted toolbar. This command is not available for the five default toolbars.
  • Reset: Resets the configuration of the highlighted toolbar to default settings.


As the instruction in the Commands tab states, adding to or deducting from the contents of any toolbar is simply a matter of dragging any menu command from the Commands pane to the desired toolbar or vice versa. First the toolbar being modified must of course be set to display mode in the Toolbars tab. By means of the Categories pane it is possible to limit the listed commands to the contents of a single QlikView menu at a time.


The Options tab contains additional settings for customization:

In the Personalized Menus and Toolbars section it is possible to set if shorter menus with only the most common commands should be used.

  • Always show full menus: Disable this option to use shorter menus with only the most common commands.
    • Show full menus after a short delay: When short menus are used, enable this setting to have the full menu appear after hovering over the menu.
  • Reset menu and toolbar usage data: This command deletes the records of the commands used in an application and restores the default set of visible commands to the menus and toolbars. It does not undo any explicit customizations.

The following display options have been grouped under Other:

  • Large icons: This setting draws the toolbar icons at double size, improving visibility if needed.
  • Show Screen Tips on toolbars: This option toggles the tool-tips on or off.
  • Show shortcut keys in Screen Tips: This option adds to the information displayed in the tool-tips pop-up.
  • Menu animations: This setting applies to the way menus (and cascade menus) open. In addition to the System Default setting, a number of custom animations are available in a drop-down list.

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