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Batch Execution

If the QlikView document should be updated regularly, e.g. every night, this is best done with QlikView Server or QlikView Publisher.

QlikView Server

QlikView Server provides a platform for hosting, and sharing QlikView information over the Internet/Intranet. QlikView Server is tightly integrated with QlikView to deliver a seamless suite of data analysis technology to end users. The server component of QlikView Server is the centerpiece of this technology, supplying a robust, centrally managed, QlikView document community, connecting multiple users, client types, documents, and objects within a secure and safe environment.

QlikView Publisher

QlikView Publisher is a member of the QlikView product family that manages content and access. By presenting the end-users with up-to-date information and letting you manage the QlikView documents in a powerful way, QlikView Publisher is a valuable addition to the QlikView suite.

QlikView Publisher distributes data stored in QlikView documents to users within and outside the organization. By reducing data, each user can be presented with the information that concerns him/her. The QlikView Publisher service and user interface are now fully integrated into QlikView Server and the QlikView Management Console (QMC).

If there is no access to QlikView Server or QlikView Publisher, it is possible to reload QlikView documents on the stand-alone application. Then use command line switches.

Command Line Syntax

Scheduling Programs

Windows has a Task Scheduler service. The services are controlled from the Administrative Tools. Make sure that Status is set to Started (and Startup to Automatic for the service to automatically start after a reboot) for the relevant service.

The easiest way to submit a batch job is usually to create a batch file with the relevant commands. The file, named e.g. MyBatch.cmd, could e.g. contain the following commands:

C:\qlikview\qv.exe /r C:\qlikview\example\file.qvw

The Schedule Service

The schedule service normally runs under the system account and thus has some limitations. If access to network resources is needed, reconfigure the service to run under a different account. Since the QlikView license is stored in the account-specific folder, make sure that it is correctly registered for the account to be used. To do this submit an interactive job.

Please refer to the documentation of your operating system for more specific information on how to schedule a task.

Section Access

To reexecute a QlikView file containing a section access, make sure that the license serial number that is installed on the machine doing the batch execution is allowed to run the script without entering a user name or a password. See the example below.

Serial User Password Access
CREATOR - - Admin
4600 9999 9999 9999 Joe ppp789 Admin
* Joe qqqq456 User
* User rrr123 User



If ODBC is used, please make sure that the DSN definition is available from the account doing the reexecution. The easiest way to assure this is probably to define the DSN as a System DSN in the ODBC Control Panel.

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