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A QlikView document can have one or several sheets on which the sheet objects are placed. Each sheet can contain many sheet objects. The sheets have no connection with the logic - if two fields are logically connected, it does not matter if they are put on the same sheet or on different sheets. The logical result when making selections will still be the same.

Information noteDepending on whether you are running WebView or AJAX, some of these settings may not be available.

Sheet: Object Menu

Sheet: Object Menu properties
Property Details
Properties... Opens the sheet's Properties dialog.
New Sheet Object Opens a dialog, from which you can drag a sheet object onto the sheet.
Select Fields... Opens the Fields dialog. Here you can select the fields to be displayed on the current sheet.
Clear Clicking on this button applies the start selection of a QlikView document, which can be configured, see Set Clear State below.
Clear All Selections Deselects all the selected values of the document.
Set Clear State Sets the current selection as Clear State.
Reset Clear State Resets Clear State to no selections.
Back QlikView remembers the last 100 selections. By clicking this button, you go one step back in the list of selections.
Forward By clicking Forward, you go one step forward in the list of selections (equivalent to canceling the last Back command).
Undo Layout Undoes the last layout action.
Redo Layout Redoes the latest undone layout action.
Lock All Selections Prevents selections from being cleared by mistake.
Unlock All Selections Takes away the lock described above.
Selections Opens a Current Selections box in which it is possible to see the selections that are active.
Add Sheet Adds a new sheet to the document.
Paste Sheet Object Pastes a sheet object which has previously been put on the clipboard via the Cut or Copy commands within the QlikView document.
Create Quick Chart... Opens the Quick Chart Wizard where you can create bar, line and pie charts with only very basic settings.
Repository... Opens the Repository dialog.
Add Bookmark Saves the current set of selections as a bookmark.
Remove Bookmark Opens a drop-down list showing all bookmarks in the document. Here you can choose which bookmark to remove.
Mail with Bookmark as Link

Creates an e-mail with a URL link to the current server document. A temporary server bookmark will be created (including layout state) and encoded in the URL. The mail recipient will be able to use the URL link to open the server document and see what you see, provided that he has access rights to the document and its data.


  • An e-mail client has to be configured for this command to work.
  • The QlikView Server must be configured to allow server bookmarks.
  • This feature is not supported in extranet deployments.
Delete Deletes the selected item.
Refresh Refreshes the QlikView document.

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