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This part of the help is used for the AJAX client as well as the WebView mode in the QlikView Desktop. Some features might differ slightly in the different clients.

WebView Mode in QlikView Desktop

Via a single click on a toolbar button it is now possible to switch between traditional rendering and AJAX rendering when running QlikView Desktop. This feature provides a convenient way for the developer to see exactly how the layout will look when used from an AJAX client. Naturally the AJAX property dialogs are available when running in WebView, providing some nice functionality that is not available to the developer in standard view. However, it should be noted that some functionality are not available in WebView, for example:

  • Report editing.
  • Menu commands cut, copy, and paste (shortcuts Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V).
  • Animation of charts.
  • Printing or exporting embedded images.

Copying Chart Images to Clipboard

It is possible to copy images of chart objects to clipboard by holding down Ctrl+Shift and right clicking on the chart object, then selecting Copy from the menu.

Touch Functionality

The following functionality is supported on touch screens:

  • Creating objects
  • Moving, copying and resizing objects
  • Changing properties

File Name Limitations

If you want to share a QlikView document using AJAX clients, the file name must not contain hash (#) characters.

Keyboard Shortcuts

QlikView Desktop keyboard shortcuts are not available in the AJAX client.

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