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Management Service

In the Management Service folder, the central coordinating component in the QlikView Publisher (QVP) can be managed. The Management Service is responsible for maintaining the QlikView Publisher Repository (QVPR), keeps track of the various components, communicates with all services, and hosts the QMC Graphical User Interface (GUI). A QVP installation has only one Management Service.

The Management Service folder contains the following tabs:

  • Summary, where the address of the Management Service can be viewed.
  • Summary

  • General, where the level of logging of the Management Service can be managed.
  • General

  • Repository, where the QlikView Publisher Repository (QVPR), that is, the database containing the task information, can be managed.
  • Repository

  • Auditing, where the user tracking of changes on tasks and settings in the system can be viewed.
  • Auditing