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Wizard Start Page


Wizard Start Page

The Wizard provides the basic functionality configuration of a new task, involving distribution, reduction, and triggers.

Start Page

On the Wizard Start page, the type of task that is to be configured for the current document can be selected. A sub set of the configuration settings for the task will be presented on wizard guide pages, depending on the answers to the following questions:

  • How do you want to select the recipients of the distribution?
  • Do you want to reduce the document?

The task settings can be configured on the wizard guide pages. The combinations of possible answers result in that the following wizard guide pages are presented:

Task configuration
- Enter recipients manually Distribute to recipients based on a field in the document
No, distribute the whole document
Yes, only distribute parts of the document


To get context sensitive help information (this WebHelp), that is, detailed information about the contents of the current page, click on the Help text in the upper right corner of the page.

Movement Buttons

If applicable and available, use the following buttons to move between pages within the wizard:

  • Previous, meaning 'go back to the previous wizard guide page'; the configuration on the current wizard guide page will be stored until moving forward again, using the Next button.
  • Next, meaning 'go ahead to the next wizard guide page'.
    Information note This button is only available when the current wizard guide page has been configured with the required data.
  • Finish, meaning 'finish this wizard', using the configured information.
    Information note This button is only available when all of the wizard guide pages have been configured.
  • Cancel or Cancel , meaning 'abort this wizard', without using or storing any configuration; no task will be created.

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