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Publish QlikView documents and links in a Qlik Sense cloud hub

You can publish your QlikView documents, and links to documents, in the cloud hub. QlikView documents open directly in the cloud hub. Users do not need special permissions to open a published document. Links that are published in the cloud hub redirect the user to the QlikView Server installation. The user must be able to access the QlikView Server. You can publish documents and links in either Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS.

Information noteThis feature is not available in Qlik Sense Business.
Information noteWith the release of QlikView April 2020, publishing links to a Qlik Sense cloud hub will no longer be available with QlikView April 2019.

To publish QlikView documents or links in a Qlik Sense cloud hub you must do the following tasks:

Choosing between publishing a document and a link

Publishing a QlikView document or a link to a document gives Qlik Sense users a range of capabilities for interacting with QlikView content.

When you publish a QlikView document in a Qlik Sense cloud hub, access and consumption of the document are handled in the Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS cloud environment. Access is managed by the Qlik Sense Enterprise cloud admin. Users can open sheets and make selections in objects but they cannot create new sheets or objects.

When you publish a link in a Qlik Sense cloud hub, the document is handled by the QVS service in the QlikView Server environment. When the user clicks the link, the document opens in the QlikView Server environment. Only users who have access to the QlikView Server can open a document from a published link. Access is managed by the QlikView admin.

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