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Variable Overview Dialog

The Variable Overview dialog displays all non-hidden variables and their values in a single list. Together with the dollar-sign expansions feature in QlikView expressions, the variable overview may be used as a crude expression repository.

  • Variables: In this four-column list the names of all non-hidden variables and their respective values are displayed. Select the check-box in the + column to include variables in bookmarks.
  • Definition: Highlight a variable in the list above to display its definition. The text may be freely edited. The changes will immediately be reflected in the Value column of the list above. Click on the ... button to open the Edit Expression dialog.
  • Comment: A commentary field where the creator of a variable can describe the purpose and function of a variable.
  • Add: Opens the New Variable dialog, where a new variable can be defined.
  • Remove: Highlight a variable in the list and click this button to delete a variable.
  • Search: Search the available variables by name.