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User Preferences: License


User Preferences: License

QlikView License

This dialog shows the present registration information of the QlikView installation.

  • Change...: To enter a new serial number and a new control number for the license click this button. Changes take effect only after restarting QlikView.
  • Clear License Information: If this button is clicked, the license number will be erased the next time the application is started.
  • View License Agreement: Clicking this button will show the license agreement.

OEM Product IDs

This option is only available with an OEM Partner License.

  • Use OEM Product IDs for new documents: Enable this option if the question to use OEM Product ID should be asked for new documents.
  • OEM Product IDs: Lists all available OEM Product IDs.
  • Edit...: Click this button to edit the Alias for the OEM Product ID.