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User Preferences: Mail

Here you can make settings for sending e-mail from QlikView. In order to use this functionality, access to an SMTP server is required .

In the Sender group it is possible to specify the Name and e-mail Address that will appear as sender on e-mail sent by QlikView.

Under Encoding it is possible to change the character code page used for sending e-mail, if there are problems with the current setting.

Checking Send MIME encoded in order to encode e-mail can also be helpful.

In the Server group it is possible to specify settings for the SMTP server to be used for outgoing e-mail from QlikView.

Note: QlikView supports unencrypted communication with the SMTP server.
  • Address: The address (URL or IP number) used for the SMTP server.
  • Port: The port used by the SMTP server.
  • Authentication method: Select an authentication method from the list, if authentication is required by the SMTP server.
  • User ID: The user ID used for authentication.
  • Password: The password used for authentication.