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Sheet Properties: Triggers

On Triggers page you can specify actions, including macros, to be invoked on sheet events.

Not all actions can be invoked from the following event triggers.

Information noteThere are limitations as to the behavior of certain macro triggers when working with documents on QlikView Server.
Information noteActions that trigger other actions, so called cascading actions, may cause unforeseen consequences and are not supported!

Sheet Event Triggers

In this group you can set actions to trigger on change of active sheet. Pressing the Add Action(s) button for either event brings you to the Actions page. On this page you can add an action to the event. Choose the action Run Macro to assign an existing macro name or type any name for which you later can create a macro in the Edit Module dialog. When an action has been assigned to the event, the button changes to Edit Action and you can change the action for the event. The following Sheet Event Triggers are configurable:


The action will be executed each time the sheet is activated.


The action will be executed each time the sheet is deactivated.

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