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Sheet Properties: General

You open the Sheet Properties dialog either by choosing Properties from the sheet Object menu or by choosing Sheet Properties from the Settings menu.

Tip noteIf the Properties command is dimmed, you probably don’t have the privileges needed to perform property changes. This is configured in Sheet Properties: Security.

To name the sheet, enter text in the Title edit box. The name will be displayed on the sheet tab.

  • Alternate State:

    Choose one of the available states in the list. The following Alternate States are always available.

    • Inherited: The sheets and sheet objects are always in the inherited state unless overridden by the QlikView developer. This setting is inherited from the object on the level above, a chart in a sheet gets the same settings as the sheet if inherited is chosen.
    • Default state: This is the state where most QlikView usage occurs and is represented by $. The QlikView document is always in the default state.
  • Sheet ID: This is used for macro purposes. Every sheet is assigned a unique ID, starting with SH01. It is possible to edit this ID number later on. It is recommended that you use alphanumeric characters only in the ID.

    Internal Macro Interpreter

In the Show Sheet group it is possible to specify a condition under which the sheet is displayed:

  • Always: The sheet will always be displayed.
  • Conditional: The sheet will be shown or hidden depending on a conditional expression which will be evaluated continuously depending on e.g. selections etc. The sheet will only be hidden when the condition returns FALSE.
    When all sheets in a document are disabled due to Show Sheet restrictions a message "No sheets available" will be displayed. Users with Admin privileges for the document can override this condition by checking Show All Sheets and Sheet Objects in the Document Properties: Security page. This functionality can be toggled by pressing Ctrl+Shift+S.

    Document Properties: Security

With the Zoom (Percent) option you can conveniently alter the size of the displayed active sheet and everything on it.

In the Background group you may define a background color for the sheet. The alternative Document Default applies the background color defined in the Document Properties dialog. Checking Sheet Settings and clicking the Colored button lets you define a custom background color which can be defined as a solid color or a gradient via the Color Area dialog.

Alternatively, the background of the sheet can be customized by checking Image and clicking the Change button. This will open the Select Image dialog where a file with the picture to be used can be selected.

Image Formatting:

  • No Stretch: The image is displayed as is, which may cause masking problems.
  • Fill: The image is stretched in order to fill the sheet, without regard to aspect ratio.
  • Keep Aspect: The image is stretched as far as possible while retaining the correct aspect ratio.
  • Fill with Aspect: The image is stretched as far as possible while retaining the correct aspect ratio. Areas not covered are then filled by cropping of the image.
  • Tiled: If this option is selected, the image will be tiled the as many times as space allows.

Horizontal and Vertical orientation:

  • Horizontal: The image can be horizontally aligned: Left, Centered or Right.
  • Vertical: The image can be vertically aligned: Top, Centered or Bottom.
Theme Maker
Theme Maker... Opens theTheme Makerwizard for creating a new theme or editing an existing one.
Apply Theme... Opens a file browser dialog for choosing a layout theme file to be applied to the sheet object(s).

Layout Themes

In the Tab Settings group you may define a background color for the sheet tab.

  • Classic Gray: Select this option to use a gray tab coloring with black text.
  • Sheet Background: Sets the tab color to the color of the sheet.
  • Custom Colors: This setting lets you specify a custom Tab Color and Tab Text Color by clicking the corresponding buttons.
  • Apply to All: Applies the tab color settings to all sheets of the document.

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