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Sheet Properties: Fields

This is where you select fields to be displayed on the sheet from the Available Fields list. Select the items to be used/removed by clicking them. Use the Add > or the < Remove button to move them to the desired column.

The selected fields will be displayed in default configured list boxes on the active sheet. To set the specific properties of a list box, right-click on it and select Properties from the object float menu (or from Object in the Main Menu).

To make the system fields selectable, check the Show System Fields option.

Show Fields from Table

From here, you control what fields appear in the Available Fields list. The drop-down list displays the alternative All Tables by default.
The alternative All Tables (Qualified) shows the fields qualified by the name of the table(s) they occur in. This means that key (connecting) fields will be listed more than once. (This alternative is only used for viewing purposes and has nothing to do with Qualify fields in the load script.)
It is also possible to view the fields of one table at a time.

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