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Sheet: Object Menu

The menu commands are:

  • Properties: Opens the Sheet Properties dialog page where you can set the parameters defining the sheet.
  • Select Fields: Opens the Sheet Properties: Fields page where you can select a field or more to be displayed as a list box on the sheet.
  • New Sheet Object: Opens a cascading menu listing sheet objects.
  • Copy Sheet: Makes a complete copy of the entire sheet with all its sheet objects. The copy will be named "Copy of Sheetname" and positioned as the last sheet in the document.
  • Paste Sheet Object: Pastes a sheet object, previously copied to clipboard, on the sheet. This command can also be invoked by the following keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+V.
  • Paste Sheet Object as Link: Pastes a linked object, previously copied to the clipboard, on the sheet. The object is directly linked to the original, sharing all attributes and object ID.
  • Print: Opens the Print dialog where print settings can be specified. The printout will consist of an image of the sheet area including any sheet objects.
  • Copy Image to Clipboard: Copies a bitmap picture of the sheet area (only) to Clipboard.
  • Export Image to File: Opens a dialog for saving an image of the current sheet to a file. The image can be saved as bmp, jpg, gif or png.
  • Help: Opens QlikView help.
  • Remove: Removes the sheet and all its sheet objects.