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ApplyMap - script function


ApplyMap - script function

The ApplyMap script function is used for mapping the output of an expression to a previously loaded mapping table.


ApplyMap('map_name', expression [ , default_mapping ] )

Return data type: dual


ApplyMap arguments
Argument Description

The name of a mapping table that has previously been created through the mapping load or the mapping select statement. Its name must be enclosed by single, straight quotation marks.

Warning: If you use this function in a macro expanded variable and refer to a mapping table that does not exist, the function call fails and a field is not created.
expression The expression, the result of which should be mapped.

If stated, this value will be used as a default value if the mapping table does not contain a matching value for expression. If not stated, the value of expression will be returned as is.

Warning: The output field of ApplyMap should not have the same name as one of its input fields. This may cause unexpected results. Example not to use: ApplyMap('Map', A) as A.


In this example we load a list of salespersons with a country code representing their country of residence. We use a table mapping a country code to a country to replace the country code with the country name. Only three countries are defined in the mapping table, other country codes are mapped to 'Rest of the world'.

// Load mapping table of country codes: map1: mapping LOAD * Inline [ CCode, Country Sw, Sweden Dk, Denmark No, Norway ] ; // Load list of salesmen, mapping country code to country // If the country code is not in the mapping table, put Rest of the world Salespersons: LOAD *, ApplyMap('map1', CCode,'Rest of the world') As Country Inline [ CCode, Salesperson Sw, John Sw, Mary Sw, Per Dk, Preben Dk, Olle No, Ole Sf, Risttu ] ; // We don't need the CCode anymore Drop Field 'CCode';

The resulting table (Salespersons) looks like this:

Example 1
Salesperson Country
John Sweden
Mary Sweden
Per Sweden
Preben Denmark
Olle Denmark
Ole Norway
Risttu Rest of the world