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Money - script and chart function

Money() formats an expression numerically as a money value, in the format set in the system variables set in the load script, or in the operating system, unless a format string is supplied, and optional decimal and thousands separators.


Money(number[, format[, dec_sep[, thou_sep]]])

Return data type: dual


Money arguments
Argument Description

The number to be formatted.

format String describing how the resulting money string is to be formatted.
dec_sep String specifying the decimal number separator.
thou_sep String specifying the thousands number separator.

If arguments 2-4 are omitted, the currency format set in the operating system is used.


The examples below assume the following default settings:

  • MoneyFormat setting 1: kr ##0,00, MoneyThousandSep' '
  • MoneyFormat setting 2: $ #,##0.00, MoneyThousandSep','

Example 1:  

Money( A )
where A=35648

Example 1 results
Results Setting 1 Setting 2
String: kr 35 648,00 $ 35,648.00
Number: 35648.00 35648.00

Example 2:  

Money( A, '#,##0 ¥', '.' , ',' )
where A=3564800

Example 2 results
Results Setting 1 Setting 2
String: 3,564,800 ¥ 3,564,800 ¥
Number: 3564800 3564800