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Pop-up Window Settings

The Pop-up Window Settings dialog can be accessed from either the Document Properties: General or the Alerts dialog pages, both under the Settings menu. It is used for setting the properties of either Help Pop-ups or Alert Pop-ups.

Through the controls of the dialog the following properties can be customized:

The Font button opens the standard Font dialog, allowing the font settings for the pop-up text to be changed.


The Background Color of the pop-up window can be defined as a solid color or a gradient via the Color Area dialog that opens when clicking the colored button.

The default Icon for the pop-up is a Question Icon for Help Pop-ups and a Warning Icon for Alert Pop-ups, respectively. Choose between several other options or just set the display to No Icon from the spinner box.

Enter a time delay in the Timeout edit box to have pop-up windows automatically close after a set time delay (This delay is measured in milliseconds. By setting the timeout to 0 the pop-up will stay on the screen until the user clicks it away).

Check Sound in order to link a sound to the pop-up. The edit box below should contain a valid path to a .wav sound file. This may be an external path (e.g. c:\mysound.wav) or a path to a QlikView sound already bundled with the program (e.g. qmem://<bundled>/sounds/qv_ok.wav).

Internal files